Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reconstruction has officially begun!

It's been an interesting week so far for the Howard cabin. Surprisingly enough (note sarcasm-- :) ), reconstruction is a much more delicate process than dismantling the cabin. Beautiful flat pieces of limestone have been placed on the corner piers, and these are what will help support the corner notches of the cabin once it is fully reconstructed.

The foundation/bottom layer of the cabin is perhaps the most important step to get "right." The logs must be carefully leveled and stacked together to ensure the structure is sound when the subsequent logs are then added. This takes patience, time, and lot of hard work to achieve.

This week we've seen stones stacked and unstacked, logs placed and replaced, sill logs notched and re-notched, floor joists assembled, and disassembled, and a meeting of the minds behind the project. Yesterday the corner stones were finally mortared to the piers, and the delicate log stacking can begin.

You won't see as many photos of this phase (at least not as frequently) since reconstruction takes so much more time, but we promise to keep you posted!

Welcome back, Timber & Stone! We're glad to see you, Yeargan!

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