Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just the flax...

Although we are not a working 19th century farm, we do try and grow appropriate plants in our one "open space" when we can. This year's experiment is flax. Although commercial production of flax in Texas did not begin until after our time period, it was a popular crop for individual use in the 1800s. Flax could be spun into the strong threads that made linen, a durable and lightweight fabric. Linen could be woven with wool to create linsey-woolsey, a heavier weight fabric with the strength of linen. One anecdote even suggests that flax was used as a sort of bandage!

Our ancestors also used the product of the flax seeds to make linseed oil, useful for oiling wood projects, wagon covers, and more. Many modern consumers, however, utilize flax for its health benefits as a valuable source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

No matter what your feelings about flax, you can see it growing right here at Log Cabin Village!

And this last photo is just here to show you how pretty the Village looks in her spring foliage...

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