Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phase 1 of the Howard cabin restoration is complete!!

If you drive down Log Cabin Village Lane, you're bound to notice something a little different about the Village: the Howard cabin is GONE! it's not actually GONE gone...but it is fully dismantled. The only remaining vestige of the old structure is a shallow dirt pit where the slab foundation lay.

So what's next? On Monday, Yeargan Construction's foundation subcontractors will be coming in to start laying the new foundation. And what a foundation it will be!!! Piers will be drilled eight feet into the ground to ensure this massive structure has the support it so desperately needs. This will enable the cabin to withstand the test of time and remain available for many future generations!

The foundation work should take about a week to complete and another week to cure (daily photos of concrete drying available upon demand). And then we anticipate the rebuild to begin sometime the week of March 23rd. Stay tuned!

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