Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Rampin'" it up...

While being closed to the public for a couple of weeks might conjure up images of peace and solitude as we worked feverishly on quiet projects, our closure actually resulted in saws, trenches, hammers, grinders, missiles, and other equipment we cannot even describe (much less name). It was all in the name of progress...but believe us when we say that the sound of 80 3rd graders hopped up on juice boxes and long bus rides will be comparable to crickets gently chirping after the past closure. :) Besides...we missed our visitors.

The closures are important, however, to help us undertake those projects that ARE too noisy and prohibitive for completion during open hours. One such project was rebuilding the ramp at the back of the Foster House.

This ramp is a prime example of how we handle many "modern" amenities: we place rustic-looking complementary facades on contemporary, more permanent structures. The underlying ramp is concrete, but it is carefully concealed beneath a wooden shell that doesn't detract the eye from the cabin.

We are also fortunate, being part of City government, to have skilled crews who custom design our repairs keeping the aesthetics of the site in mind. This is no easy chore for us "modern folk" unaccustomed to life in a log cabin!

Here is a slideshow of the rebuild from start to finish. Please click on any photo within the slideshow to make it larger or to control the speed.

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