Thursday, February 19, 2009

Howard Cabin Restoration--the calm before the storm...

As promised, I will be blogging Howard Cabin progress as it happens. Right now things are fairly calm. We are waiting for the log cabin restoration specialist from Timber and Stone to finish another project, and then the chimney dismantle will begin. We're anticipating this beginning very soon!

The huge, industrial construction dumpster has that's a good sign. The contractors' portable toilet is here as well, which of course means business in MANY ways.

We appreciate our patrons' ongoing patience as certain portions of our operation are disrupted for VERY good reason. These are exciting days! We also appreciate Yeargan Construction for understanding our site's unique needs and challenges and working to ensure our visitors maintain the most positive experience possible during this massive restoration/rebuild.

We're looking forward to learning about all these processes and sharing them with you!

The photos throughout the post show electricity being removed from the Howard and the electrical "stub" being installed to power the contractors' equipment...

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