Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Howard cabin--Phase 1 cont'd

Okay...we recognize that we are log cabin geeks. It's our job. However, you have to admit that this whole restoration is pretty amazing! We've been making several trips down to the construction site, where we are afforded wonderful access and delightful stories by John (Yeargan Construction), Juan, and crew (Timber & Stone). We can honestly say that we've NEVER had so much fun working with contractors! Keep up the great work!

And a little birdie told us that some of the contractors' family/friends are following their progress through our blog as well. We'd like to welcome our new readers and let them know that their loved ones are doing a GREAT JOB!!

And now for the photos. We expect the roof to be completely off by the end of today, which would place the project more than a week ahead of schedule. Amazing!

As always, please click on any photo in the slide show to make it larger and to control the speed.

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