Friday, February 27, 2009

Howard cabin--final preparation for log dismantle

The dedicated craftsmen from Timber & Stone and John--Yeargan Construction

What a whirlwind week it has been! The chinking is gone, the floorboards are gone, the roof is gone, and the chimney is gone. A little powerwashing...and the Howard cabin will be ready to have its logs come down!

Yesterday was another exciting day. The interesting discoveries include a bat skeleton, a small garden snake, old Pepsi and Vienna sausage cans, a beer bottle, and a small piece of mortar with "1961" etched on it--presumably the year the cabin was rebuilt on the Village site.
Timber & Stone owner Rode Walker was also here to check the project's progress and to offer his insight on the next steps. And we expect the Skytrack to arrive on Monday to start bringing down the logs! Very exciting!

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Anonymous said...

My hats off to all of you involved in the restoration effort of the Howard Cabin. It will be there for another 100 years for others to enjoy. Keep up the good work!