Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Village through YOUR eyes...

Although we are in the business of "the past," we definitely love utilizing the tools of the present (as evidenced by our use of blogs, web sites, Shelfari, Facebook--have you become our fan yet?, etc.)

One thing we particularly enjoy is "Googling" the term "Log Cabin Village" to see what comes up! Blog postings, calendar mentions, user reviews...we love seeing them all! If they're good, we are excited. If they mention weaknesses...well...we take that into consideration and make improvements.

Most of all we love seeing photographs that people have taken here and then published on the web. It's fun seeing the Village through other people's eyes! They notice details we may have missed and focus on things we may not realize are important.

We want to see the Village through YOUR eyes. Please send me your photos...and I will consolidate them into an online album which I will post here! Photos can be of anything Village-related...be it your family, one of our cabins, or something else that was just inspired by your visit. Please include your first name, your city, and the photo's caption.

The deadline is January 15, 2009...so get those photos in!

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