Thursday, December 4, 2008

About a Village...

Have any of you ever noticed how much pressure blog writing places on a person/institution?

As the primary author of Log Cabin Village's blog...I strive to provide interesting and relevant content on a somewhat frequent basis. Yet sometimes, although our time period AND museum are fascinating, I draw a blank. What is it that our readers want to read about?

I could tell you about our day-to-day happenings--how the chill in the air has brought in scores of visitors seeking respite from the mania of the holiday season. I could tell you how we're anxiously preparing for the holidays ourselves, hanging garlands and popcorn and wreaths. I could even tell you about how I'm researching tamale-making, so that we can approximate an authentic experience for our holiday event on December 13th (by the way...if anyone out there is an expert've got my number--give me a call).

I could tell you how the Village cats are ticked off because they don't like the cold. Or how the curator and I have been feverishly huddled around computers trying to secure photos to go on the new web site (which will launch soon, by the way). Or even how the crackling of the potbelly stove in the one-room school makes me yearn to grab a cup of hot cocoa, move my desk outside, and finish this post fireside (which would make it awkward for the school group currently holding "Pioneer School" in there...but that's beside the point).

I could even tell you that I currently hear the anachronistic hum of a cordless drill as a City of Fort Worth employee fixes that nagging porch board that's been catching the back door lately.

All of these activities, sounds, thoughts, and feelings make up the daily rhythm of Log Cabin Village.

"Blog worthy?" Who knows.

All I know is that it's another beautiful day at the Village...and we look forward to seeing our staff and visitors--our family.

Happy holidays...


Jana H. said...

Amen! And thanks for the shout-out the other day. It's great to know someone is reading!

Rena--Museum Educator said...

Thanks, Jana! Y'all are great!