Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our furry four-legged guests...

Those of you who are regular Blog Cabin Village readers might remember that we had a visiting fox family living under the Howard Cabin prior to reconstruction. Once again (must be that time of year), we are hosting an adorable family of foxes, only they are living under the Tompkins Cabin this time.

The other day while Mama was out and about (or under the cabin napping), the little ones couldn't resist poking their heads out and saying hello. You could tell that they desperately wanted to be "kids" and run around and play, but we humans were inhibiting their progress.

Like the fox families before them, we know they will soon move on to greener pastures. But we are enjoying them while they're here!

Here are several photos taken by Village historical interpreter Linda Sanders. Caution: extreme cuteness ahead.

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valeriesse said...

OMG, how cute are they? You all must have the best job in the world!

Michele Lomenick