Monday, June 9, 2008

Log Cabin Wildlife Refuge?

Well the Village has always been home to an assorted array of zany creatures. We've had geckos, fire and dragonflies, squirrels, snakes (occasionally), raccoons, possums, cardinals, fish, felines, ducks, and even the occasional turkey (an escapee from the Fort Worth Zoo).

Recently, however, we have greeted a NEW family to our grounds: a male, female, and two little baby gray foxes. The Village People (our staff members, not the singing group) eagerly await the appearance of the cute little critters. They (the foxes, not the Village People) stay primarily within the fenced off area around the Howard Cabin...but occasionally come out to cast a curious gaze upon their human neighbors.

Our guests needn't worry, however. Reliable sources indicate that the foxes will not harm the cats (or children). We don't know how long the fox family will be here...but we're sure enjoying their stay!

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