Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iron Chef Pioneers...

Today we had the most amazing chefs as our guests here at the Village. No...Grady Spears and Tim Love didn't drop by. Bobby Flay and Michael Symon didn't make it either.

Instead we had five fabulous fourth grade girls and two super sixth grade boys! Today was our "Whatcha Got Cookin'?" daycamp...and our intrepid Iron Chef pioneers made an entire meal from scratch using a fire pit and a box wood stove. And they did it in under three hours!

The menu: roast chicken, fried potatoes, corn bread, pinto beans, and apple pie

The process: The chefs chopped vegetables, gathered herbs, stirred pots, stuffed chickens, and rolled out pie dough.

The supreme Iron Chef pioneer challenges: storms (which required covering the fire pit with a canopy so the bird could continue roasting, rain, a power outage (no light in the cabin), no modern cooking appliances, and extreme hunger.

These chefs were gamers, however. They didn't let a little thunder steal THEIR thunder. They even shared stories...including one so scary that the screams made the staff in the main cabin come running down to make sure we were alright! :)

A wonderful time was had by all...and this meal will not soon be forgotten.

Special thanks go out to our "Village People," who helped the camp run seamlessly despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. VERY special thanks to Village interpreter Fred Gersch for designing and teaching the camp.

Enjoy the photos and the guidebook in this blog entry! Reminder: you can click on any of the photos in the slideshow to make them larger or to control the speed.

Cooking Guidebook

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