Friday, February 29, 2008

Top Ten comments from our Guest Register

We are very fortunate to have many wonderful visitors from many parts of the world. Every year, intrepid souls from all fifty U.S. states and more than 70 other countries come to experience Log Cabin Village.

We learn a little more about them when they sign our guest register. And if you've been here on a day when Iris was working up front, more than likely you've been gently nudged (i.e. forced) to sign "her book." We faithfully record where our visitors come from, and we relish the comments they provide.

Without further ado, in celebration of Friday fun, here are our top ten guest register comments from recent entries:

10. Woohoo! We need something like this in South Dakota.

9. How did you hear about us? Visited the Patanical {Botanical} Gardens, a wagon train passing by, forced to come

8. Like your cats!!

7. The park itself is great but the staff are what made this an extraordinary experience!!!

6. I like it here. It will be better when I learn how to walk (Eli, 8 months)

5. So glad this place has survived through the years

4. Really great! Made us feel like kids again!!

3. It gives me a chance to pretend I’m a real pioneer.

2. Sweet! Can’t wait to come back with my family.

And the Number One Guest Register comment...

Drumroll please...

1. It was so cool I almost fainted.

Can YOU top that? :) :) :)

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