Friday, February 29, 2008

Sign of the Times...

What's more exciting than three blog entries in one day?'s a brand new entry sign at Log Cabin Village!
Our old, hand-routed wood sign was taken down months ago when our beautiful new wrought-iron fencing was installed. Alas we have been making do with paper signs. That is...until NOW!

Allow me to now present a brief photographic essay I shall call "Installation of New Sign":

The sad, temporary, paper signs

Dennis Gabbard, owner of Rockhill Group Ltd. Exhibit Services (the great company who has designed our new exhibit panels and this sign) carefully marks a level line for the sign

Drilling holes...can't bolt a sign to a fence without holes!

Attaching the nuts...sign'll fall off without the nuts!

Proving that they're multi-talented, Museum Curator Ivette Ray and Museum Director Kelli Pickard help attach the sign.

Not willing to let Kelli have ALL the fun, Museum Educator Rena Lawrence pitches in.

Ivette expertly holds the wrench as Dennis makes the final adjustments.

Always the consummate professional, Dennis cleans the sign front AND back...

The beautiful finished product.

Log Cabin Village present...and past.
Wonder what the future holds?

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