Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Five Senses container garden...

--by volunteer and Girl Scout Troop 2701 member Cori Weaver

Stand outside and you hear the whistling of the grass?  Take a deep breath; is it a sweet smell or a tangy one?  Look around you; do you see vibrant colors or deep hues?  Touch the plants; are they soft or pokey?  Have you ever tasted a mint leaf straight from the plant?  Stimulating all five senses can be very relaxing.  A senses garden can do just that.  A senses garden incorporates plants that exercise all of the senses.

On February 26, 2012, three girls of Girl Scout Troop 2701 aided in the planting of a senses garden at Log Cabin Village (with guidance from Village interpreter/Troop Leader Teresa Weaver and direction from Village interpreter Pat Kriener).  Taking old containers, the girls planted five different things, each representing a different sense.  Working hard, they filled the containers first with dead leaves to become compost.  Then they added organic fertilizer.  Next they planted the sound and sight.  For the other three senses, the girls dug up a portion of the plants from an already existing herb garden.  With all the plants planted, their senses garden was complete.  There was:  grass for sound, oregano for smell, marigold and pansies for sight, lamb's ear for touch, and lemon balm for taste.

 As the wind blows, the grass dances and makes a rustling sound.  The strong-scented oregano can tickle any nose.  Marigold and pansies have bright colors that catch the eye.  The lambs ear feels like just that--this plant has soft leaves that you can't resist petting.  Lemon balm, when added to tea, can be very relaxing without causing drowsiness.

Note from Rena (Village Educator and Collections Manager):  We hope y'all will come out and see Cori and Troop 2701's hard work!  Many other exciting updates are planned for the herb garden, so come check those out as well!

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