Friday, October 1, 2010

We get by with a little help from our friends...

Do you ever have something really cool going on? Something you keep meaning to tell people about, but then the phone rings, or an e-mail comes in, or you have to take a cat to the vet (not kidding)? Well...I'm finally sitting down to tell you about that cool something we have going on!

Andre applies Renaissance Wax to a pump organ top

Y'all may remember that last spring we started a service-learning partnership with Tarrant County College--Trinity River Campus. We have been fortunate to continue the partnership this semester, and we're enjoying volunteer service from some truly incredible students!

Miles assembles our spinning wheel

Thus far we've had TCCers raking leaves and removing debris from around cabins, greeting visitors at Harvest Homecoming, inventorying and cleaning artifacts, "waxing" one of our new acquisitions (more on that in the future), census research, and even assembling our new traveling spinning wheel (also more on that in the future)! What's even more fun is that we've got a couple students who are considering museum careers. We LOVE spreading the museum geekdom!

We also will be hosting a TCC blog post series. Students are researching various topics and writing blog entries that will be featured here later. Stay tuned!

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