Thursday, October 8, 2009

Putting the "fort" in Fort Worth!

Log Cabin Village is proud to now have an artifact on loan to the Tarrant County Historical Commission for their 1895 Room Gallery History Museum. Since one of the current exhibits is specifically about the original Fort Worth, founded in 1849, the hardwood timber corner post from the fort is a perfect addition!

Other exciting, new exhibits at the 1895 Room include:
  • The Gebert Collection of Phillipine Insurrection Memorabilia from The Spanish-American War, 1899 (loaned by the Marvin and Betty Wilson family)
  • Founding Fathers--Freemasonry in Tarrant County (loaned by Fort Worth Lodge No. 148, Masonic Library and Museum)
  • The Peak Rocking Chair, 1853 (loaned by The Dallas Historical Society)
  • Restored Spring Palace Painting by Orin McCormick, 1889 (loaned by The University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections; donation for painting restoration provided by the Tarrant County Historical Society).

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