Thursday, October 22, 2009

Museums of the Heartland...

Hey! Check out our awesome director, Kelli Pickard, in this series trailer! If the television show is picked up by a network, Log Cabin Village will be featured in one of the episodes. Here is the video and press release from Media 13, the production company responsible for this exciting new series. Stay tuned!

Museums of the Heartland Trailer from logcabinvillage on Vimeo.

Real Museum Stories from America’s Heartland

DALLAS, TX -- In 2010, Media 13 will be celebrating the power of museums as repositories of cultural capital with a major twelve-part documentary series entitled Museums of the Heartland.

Where are the stories? Since we were children, the words “once upon a time” have resonated deeply. Can you envision a world without story? Such is the appeal of Museums of the Heartland. It’s a series about the stories of our lives – and our culture – presented through museums.

Journeying, primarily, around Texas and Oklahoma, with an occasional foray into other heartland states, the half-hour show visits museums with recognizable names like Bob Bullock Texas State Museum in Austin and African American Museum at Fair Park. There are also other names – less recognizable – like the Toy and Action Figure Museum, East Texas Oil Museum, and Medicine Mound with stunning, unforgettable stories.

“Behind every museum is the energy of a passionate founder, a relentless Curator, hard-working docents and a spate of patrons who bring it all together. Museums—both large and small—are powerful protectors of the American experience because they protect and present the story of our Nation,” said Creator and Executive Producer, Lindell Singleton.

The pilot episode features the Texas Heritage Museum of Hillsboro, Texas.
“This museum is remarkable,” said Singleton. “The experience struck me because it is expansive, yet intensely personal. The exhibits capture the stories of our wars, but present them only through the eyes of Texans. This really was the ideal choice for the pilot.”

John Versluis, Executive Director at Texas Heritage Museum offers this: "Museums are more than repositories of information and interesting artifacts, but instead a collective environment where cultures and generations meet on equal footing to share knowledge and new experiences. Museums of the Heartland will encourage visitorship. And, that could be across the city, the neighborhood, or down the Interstate."

About the Production Company

Media 13 is an industry-leading creative firm that leverages its unrivaled reach and access to create and produce compelling content across all its divisions: Narrative Filmmaking, Integrated Long Form Content, Commercials, Music Video and Broadcast Television. Visionary director, King Hollis, formed Media 13 in 2005. Widely acknowledge for establishing the 'next level' in Texas independent film production, Hollis' body of work has redefined excellence across multiple genres.

In launching the firm, Hollis has blended a collaboration of business and creative minds with a view toward developing branded content with a purpose. The core of Media 13 blends unique talents and a distinct, compelling vision for the future of creative content.

The team has established, long-standing partnerships with television and theatrical distributors, advertising agencies and corporate marketing entities. This nexus allows Media 13 to extend its reach across industries to exercise its capacity to find solutions for any project.

Media 13 finds creative production solutions while orchestrating the development, production and distribution of quality programming through existing and emerging channels.

Media 13’s groundbreaking documentary, “History of the Red River Rivalry” debuted in October 2009 on Fox Television. In 2008, the Company produced “The Split" for network television. In early 2010, Media 13 will release the anticipated reality series "Solo: I Dream of flight."

The power of moving images is the lingua franca of visual storytelling. Media 13 harnesses this power to uncover real solutions for you.

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