Thursday, August 21, 2008

Riddle me this...

Somewhere along the line...probably about the same time that "Google" became a verb...we all became obsessed with information sharing. This isn't a new notion, really. Consider ye olde towne crier...Paul Revere and his lanterns...bells...books...smoke signals...itinerant ministers...letters from dear ones back east...and eventually the telegraph. Gossip used to pass for news (and sometimes still does). What HAS changed is the scope, sheer volume, and interactivity of our communication. I can sit here at my computer (in a log cabin, no less) and instantaneously reach millions of people around the world.

But I digress.

For some reason, this morning I was in the mood for some pioneer riddles. I was thinking more about jokes...but when I "Googled" pioneer riddle, I found this great site developed by some kiddos in Canada. I thought the riddles were a lot of fun...and you could instantly see whether you'd solved them correctly or not!

The internet is an amazing thing. What would our ancestors have thought? And would they be surprised with our fascination in their everyday life? Given their intense workload, they definitely wouldn't have had time to search the 'net. But then again, they might have been able to buy some butter from their neighbor's web site rather than churning their own. :) :) :)

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