Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting "back to basics?"

As an educator at a 19th century living history museum, I consistently find myself torn between two worlds. We are trying to educate about the past while remaining relevant to present and future generations. The mix can sometimes be maddening! How do you retain authenticity and a sense of serenity while still trying to reach new audiences and serve the needs of our existing patrons?!?!?!?!? More on that in another post...

What is truly fascinating is an emerging emphasis on the ways of the past. Our ancestors thought nothing of growing their own food...they pretty much had no other choice. Now...150-some years later, city-dwellers are looking to reclaim this lost heritage and regain control of their food supply. Are we coming full circle? Are contemporary folk looking to increase personal and societal sustainability by modeling a frontier way of life?

Here's an interesting post from Fortworthology on a project here in Fort Worth.

Are we looking at the modern day equivalent of Victory Gardens?

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