Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What does jazz have to do with Log Cabin Village?

Plenty! While our 19th century Texans may have swayed to tunes other than the soulful stylings of Buddy Guy, we KNOW they would have been appreciative of the community efforts that inspire us to mention the 6th Annual Jazz by the Boulevard Music & Arts festival.

Jazz by the Boulevard is an annual fundraiser produced by Camp Bowie District, Inc. designed to help raise money to preserve and beautify the Camp Bowie District. And a good frontier neighbor is always willing to help in these kinds of efforts!

Mention that you are a "friend/member" of the Village, and get 20% off a VIP package at Jazz by the Boulevard! (you must show your membership card at the time of payment)

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Will Howard said...

Well, hey! I'm jazzed up. I'm also compiling a bibliography of "Texas Historical and Literary Blogs," of which I now have 75, and yours is one of them. The list will be published as the August issue of my e-journal "Will's Texana Monthly." With whom can I email about the matter? Thanks Will Howard