Monday, June 23, 2008

A Super Saturday!

We had a great time here this past Saturday. Not only was it our toys and games event, but we also had the North Texas Blacksmiths Association meeting here. Hammers were flying (in a good way, of course)!

I always enjoy working our special events because I often get to work up in the gift shop. That may not seem like a treat, but it affords me the rare opportunity to actually look our visitors in the eye, engage in conversation, and learn a little more about the guests who walk through our doors. For instance, we had a lovely couple from Frisco here who were celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. We had another woman from Keller who just turned 40...and brought her family out here as a treat. We had a couple who brought family members here from out of town. We had folks from California, South Dakota, and Aledo and Burleson, Texas. It was a great mix!

As the Village educator, much of my job is spent "behind the scenes" planning activities and programs. "It's All Fun and Games" when I get to meet our fantastic patrons firsthand.

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