Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just like the old days...

A power outage at the Village today afforded us the rare opportunity to show folks what it was really like "back then." The cabins looked much different dimly illuminated by natural light. Our school groups LOVED the experience--they didn't want to leave.

Life without electric light, while annoying at times, is also strangely peaceful.

Here are a couple of videos illustrating the importance of windows and natural light to those living without electricity. Pardon the quality of the's a little rocky (hence the reason I'm an educator, not a filmaker :) )...

The first video is from our Marine School...a place with a lot of windows...

The second is from the Seela hands-on cabin. No window...but a lot of darkness.


Power outage at Log Cabin Village, Fort Worth, TX--Marine School from logcabinvillage on Vimeo.

Power outage at Log Cabin Village, Fort Worth, TX--Seela hands-on cabin from logcabinvillage on Vimeo.

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