Monday, March 31, 2008

More upgrades!!!

Things just keep looking up at LCV! We have a new candleshed...which means that our fearless candle dippers can be even MORE fearless when rains and falling leaves approach. Sure...our ancestors probably didn't have a shelter devoted ENTIRELY to dipping candles...but then again, our ancestors probably didn't dip candles year round (which we do...unless the weather's too hot for the wax to stick!)

Pretty, isn't it? A big "thank you" to the City of Fort Worth's Transportation and Public Works Department for providing us such an incredibly beautiful and functional piece of architectural art.

You asked. We listened. We now have six new benches upon which you can rest your weary feet while here at the Village. Although they look very wood-like...they are actually made of a durable plastic material which should last a very long time (and splinters in uncomfortable places!)

We know that many of you have requested real working restrooms instead of portalets also. Good news! We've got new benches! Oh real restrooms anytime soon...but we are definitely still listening! :)

And the final improvement we can take absolutely NO credit for. Within the past week, the Village has been enveloped in her beautiful spring dress. The leaves and greenery have once again emerged making LCV an even MORE memorable escape from the present. From snow in early March to paradise in early April... What a difference a month makes!!!

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