Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Now you can "meet" whichever pioneers you want! Sort of...

August is here already! August, of course, means heat and our impending summer maintenance closure. But August also means that school days (and a busy group tour season) are right around the corner! So while you relish the last few poignant, delicious, splashy, and carefree days of summer, let us fill you in on exciting updates to our most popular tour, "Meet the Pioneers."

Beginning on September 8th, groups booking "Meet the Pioneers" will be able to select from one of two tour options:

Tour 1--Tuesdays and Thursdays

Pickard Cabin

Parker Cabin

Blacksmith Shop

Shaw Cabin

Tompkins Cabin

Tour 2--Wednesdays and Fridays

Parker Cabin

Howard Cabin (NEW!)

Marine School

Shaw Cabin

Tompkins Cabin

We are EXTREMELY excited to be able to offer these specific options for many reasons:

  1. This allows teachers/group leaders the freedom to plan their field trips on the days that their "favorite" structures are available

  2. This scheduling allows us to guarantee certain structures are ALWAYS available during the advertised times

  3. The design helps ensure groups are able to complete the tour within their allotted time frame

  4. The new tour allows us to incorporate the recently restored Howard Cabin--the new woodworker's shop (still being furnished as we speak)

  5. Knowing in advance which structures will be on the tour will help classroom educators/trip organizers plan in-class activities to supplement the museum visit

Our popular "Pioneer School" program will still be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We're already booking groups through December! Call 817-392-5881 to make your group tour reservation today!

We'll keep you posted as the new tour season gets underway!

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Melissa said...

Love this idea! Let me know how it all works out.