Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keeping the Home Fires Burning...

Check this out!

It's our new fire pit!

Isn't it fabulous????

Even looks great from this angle!
So why are we so excited about this? This new fire pit design, with the metal encapulated fire ring, allows us to demonstrate outdoor cooking without a fire marshal present--which means we can show this exciting frontier skill more frequently!
It's too hot to slave over a fire right now, but keep your eyes peeled for dutch oven lovin' this fall!


Swikan said...

This is great! Will you have to explain that the structure was made differently back in the day? (Want one for my own backyard. *grin*)

Rena--Museum Educator said...

We definitely will point out any anachronisms...although fortunately the basic design is plausible given our proximity to a blacksmith. :) :) :)

By the time we get the fire and ashes in it, you'll hardly notice the metal part of the ring! I'm hungry already...