Friday, November 7, 2008

How to make a corn husk doll... I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would be posting a video showing how to make corn husk dolls. I did a little research online, and found that there is already a great video (plus numerous instruction sheets) showing step-by-step guidelines to corn husk doll creation! What luck!

Corn husk dolls are an excellent example of recycling. Rather than discarding the outer layer of an ear of corn (the husk), our ancestors (Native American, Mexican, African, Anglo, etc.) put them to use in a number of ways. They wove them into placemats and moccasins, stuffed mattresses and pillows, wrapped tamales, made dolls, and much, much more!

The video mentions purchasing corn husks from a craft store, but you can typically find them at your local grocery store or food specialty shop. You can even save them yourself from when you eat corn on the cob! Just lay them out until they are dry and crunchy.

Are you ready to try making a doll yourself? Here's the video... Good luck! Let us know how it goes...

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