Friday, September 12, 2008

Our September flora have arrived!!

Every year we are greeted by beautiful crimson lilies that sprout in dedicated little bundles around different places on the site. And every year I marvel at their sudden arrival...lying seemingly dormant beneath the soil one day...and displaying their full glory the next. Part of the fun is figuring out where they might "spring up" next!

They're technically called oxblood, schoolhouse, or hurricane lilies. According to (where you can also order the bulbs and find out more information, if you want lilies of your own), oxblood lilies are frequently found in older neighborhoods in Central Texas. The lilies, originally native to the Andes in Argentina, were introduced in 1807 and brought to Texas by German settlers sometime after 1865. Oxblood, of course, refers to the color of the flowers.

We think they're beautiful. What do YOU think?

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